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Queer Theory New Notebook p17-29

The Celluloid Closet Sullivan, Nikki A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory Transexual Empires and Transgender Warriors Sadomasochism as Resistance? Butler, Judith, Imitation and Gender Insubordination Ross, Kristin. Emergence of Social Space   Advertisements

three awkward recordings

Three awkward conversations with passerby’s/observers of the piece on mcculloh street VLC, Flip4Mac or a PC computer are unfortunately needed to play the files given the voice recorder encodes the files as WMA’s


Selections that are interesting regarding Street art, considering body relationship to space and regulation, relegation, representation of landscape, the image, and the nature of democracy. All excerpts from larger books “Body/Power” from Power/Knowledge, by Michel Foucault “Holy Landscape: Israel, Palestine and the American WIlderness” from Landscape and Power, by W.J.T. Mitchell Selection from For an […]



Intro to Newer Genres p 9-15

Notes on a project that considers the nature of documentation and the experience of work on the street. I sat by a piece for two days for about 4 hours a day and observed, talked and interviewed people about the piece. Reception varied but for the most part people were extremely wary of being recorded. […]

Modes of Regulation

The wheel, a torture device commonly used in the medieval era until the 18th Centutry, was flanked by a laptop showing the murder by oakland cops of Oscar Grant to the left, and a field monitor that displayed the surveillance of those viewing the performance. The piece was a simple and relatively rough exploration of […]

Queer Theory, New Notebook

  Penetration             While reading the Queering Straight Chapter, I was struck by the predicament of penetration as an instrument power and regulation. Our current society that is founded on patriarchal values has transformed the male into a tool that controls behavior through penetrative modes of violence. Given the male physiology and inherent violence within […]

Hostage Situation and Fabric of Conscience p32-35

In response to the Black September Organization notes on performance and reactions

Intro to Sculpture p9-23

Brahm, Gabriel Prosthetic Territories: Politics and Hypertechnologies Autotopographies McEvilley, Thomas Sculpture in the Age of Doubt Ideas for found objects assignment