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NYSAT Billboard Takeover: A Conversation that I think brings light to the project

Conversation: Becki Fuller (AKA RFullerRD)    says: Yes, it’s back to ads for Ipods and Nestle Quick…now isn’t it better to have corporations trying to make us believe that we need products that will make us deaf and fat rather than allowing ART in a public space?!?  Posted 4 days ago. ( permalink ) gaia.streetart    says: if we […]

Towards a more Specific Spot Continued

I finally was able to get good documentation of the new piece. The source of the composition for the bear was derived from the shadow in the adjacent doorway. The intention is to create a piece that is so specific to its location that it is undeniable. I envision taking this process of refining this […]

The Edenic Complex

“The White Negro: Superficial Reflections on the Hipster” is an essay by Norman Mailer . The essay was first published in Fall 1957 issue of Dissent, and was reprinted in Advertisements for Myself in 1959. I thought that it had nice parallels to the Panel discussion that was led on the topic of the essay and Trinh Minh ha movie Reassemblage which was […]

Towards a more Specific Piece

For Newer Genres, which is a solely founded on an individual or group critique basis, I have been attempting to refine and consider more subtle, specific and various applications for my body of work that is print based and exists primarily on the street. Through a response based process, I have been working towards this […]

Street Art: A democratic or autocratic process

I was talking to RJ from Vandalog yesterday and we briefly got to talking about the nature of action in Street Art. He said that in another conversation that preceded ours, he had decided that Street Art was essentially a dictatorship. In referring back to this notion that a democracy is a realm in which […]

Street Art as Advertisement

The question is not whether Street Art is Advertisement, for such a matter is not really questionable. Instead, the interest lies within the act of Street Art as a force that subverts the common notion that visual and public communication must be confined to the sale of products and the direction and signaling of behavior […]

Street Art Happens on the Internet

Street Art, despite its name, happens on the internet. The internet has afforded the visual arts to occupy the intimate space of the home and a real closeness to the viewer that has previously been relegated to the realm of literature and reading. I am talking about the private space between the viewer and their […]

RESEARCH on the “Other”

I am very interested in this notion of the Other and how it relates to street art. Most notably the potential invasionistic/colonialist aspect of a priviliged artist entering a community and imposing their presence with their artwork. Orientalism by Edward Said seems like a fitting place to begin for this search for words/articulation/arguments A […]


Inspired by Trihn Mihn-ha‘s, Reassemblage. The focus of this short film is not the piece itself, but the people who encounter the work. All of the participants attend art school in Baltimore. Each person was asked to explain the formal elements of the piece and then allowed to expound on whatever interpretation or ethics of […]