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Alternative Hedonism

I was listening to an interview with Kate Soper entitled “Alternative Hedonism” on a podcast called Philosophy Bites and it very much related to notions of “Love” and “Pleasure” in relation to work and labor. It is a generally held belief that to “Work” in what you “Love” or have a passion for is the […]

La Jetee

She welcomes him without a suprise, they are without memories, without plans. Time builds itself painlessly around them. The only landmarks are the flavor of the moment they are living, and the markings on the walls.

The Stratagem of Image Making

Image making is like a series of strategic maneuvers and visual logistics that cue the viewer through the pieces and towards a message. It is a process defined by tactics that lead the person who receives the piece comfortably through the intentions. Whatever the intentions are, they must be well placed and register in a […]

History as Fiction and Myth

An altering revelation that recently occurred to me while I was in school was the discrepancy of experience. Initially, the realization came to me with the logistical dilemma of documenting artwork, especially performance and installation. The impossibility of conveying the original experience provided for an opportunity to make a new piece in response to the […]

BOMBIN’ Magazine Responds to Structure of Street Art

I forwarded the conversation that Vandalog and I have been engaged in to the editor at Bombin’ Magazine and he had some input: “Interesting dialogue but I fear that it suffers from a too simplistic review of political structures. Allow me to add this bit of laughter: Graffiti and Street Art are Banana Republics, low-level […]


Top Searches foucault michel, billboard takeover, how to not take over a conversation apparently these are the top three searches as to how people get to this blog, i assume by accident. the last one is simply amazing

In Response to Vandalog’s Nature/Structure of Street Art

I am writing in response to Vandalog’s proposition that Street Art is Autocratic rather than Democratic in nature, and haunted by the suppressive force of strong and excessively vocal/active individuals and, of course, the Law. I believe that in this conversation, we are drifting towards comparative models of political Governance, which is something that […]

The New Normal, Our Illegality

I picked up the exhibition catalogue of the traveling show The New Normal, in which complex issues of privacy in our post 9/11 world are explored by 13 artists. ‘October 25, 2001 – Washington, D.C. Vice President Dick Cheney gives a speech to the Republican Governors Association about the U.S. government’s response to the September […]

Connection to Simulacra and Simulation

Two excerpts from Simulacra and Simulation that are pertinent to Street Art’s relation to the institution of the Museum. Baudrillard: p19 “Everything is Metamorphosed into its opposite to perpetuate itself in its expurgated form. All the powers, all the institutions speak of themselves through denial, in order to attempt, by simulating death, to escape their […]

Wrapping it Up

School has ended so posts on this blog will be a quiet for a couple more days until I get started in the studio for the June 20th and June 26th shows at Ad Hoc and the Irvine Contemporary. Until then I have been reading The History of Sexuality by Michel Foucault. Here are the […]