Monthly Archives: June 2009

Street Art Blows/Reading Out in Bushwick Junction

Chillin with Mr Coucho Advertisements

Perceived Life vs Supposed Reality

I recently had an interview right before friday’s show opened with a wonderful woman named Cheree Franco and throughout our long conversation, we touched on the nature of the internet as this prosthesis of our perceived selves. Obviously, anyone who partakes in social networking sites is constantly aware that they can choose to augment and […]

Long Delay

Wow it’s almost been a month since I have entered a post into this blog. I just finished doing work for the group show Street/Studio at the Irvine Contemporary in DC and the two person show with Imminent Disaster at Ad Hoc that just opened last friday. So now I have a couple more days […]

Towards a More Iconic Piece

The intention of going large is to explore this concept of an iconic image that is recognizable yet simultaneously without context and an easily accessible message. It is a notion that is derived from the means of ClearChannel and Shepherd Fairey’s Obey campaign. The bear image is now employed in an entirely different manner than […]