Monthly Archives: July 2009

Alice Aycock

I’ve recently been drawn to the early, tremendous works by artist Alice Aycock. I intend to use her House of Stoics Structure A piece as a foundation for pursuing some new public works that I would like to create in Baltimore and New York. For more insight into her expansive portfolio, check out her site […]

Chromophobia: Whitescapes

David Batchelor’s opening chapter in Chromophobia entitled Whitescapes is a fascinating exploration of the Western conception of White. Using classics such as Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Melville’s Moby Dick, Batchelor paints an insightful portrait of Whiteness from a palette of Biblical and Minimalist references. In those concise, 14 pages I’ve already been cast into […]

New Drawings for El Topo

    The Mole, is an animal that digs tunnels under the ground, searching for the sun. Sometimes his journey brings him to the surface, when he sees the sun he is blinded. For more insight into the reference for this piece check out my personal Blog.       And you have to […]

An Explanation

I thought that I was approaching a threshold in my work where I was finally able to talk about my pieces in a manner that justified their presence in the world. I thought that I could confront them as individuals and explain why they are here. There was a point in my acquaintance with these […]

The Importance of Forging New Spots

I feel like one of the most important responsibilites of artists who consistently get up in the streets is to forge new frontiers for spots. Finding a beautiful setting to apply the work that is in a neighborhood where Street Art is not generally found is important for a few strong reasons. Firstly, whatever the […]