Monthly Archives: August 2009

New Drawing and Carving

Recently, I put up a new piece in Chinatown along the bike route that I ride every day on my way to the Williamsburg Bridge. The piece is derived literally and directly from the story of St Peter’s three denials of Jesus by the crow of the rooster. Recently, I have been endeavoring to explore […]


I have a natural intrigue towards domination that I cannot quite explain. Most of the work that I create employs animal motifs to explore the human capacities of control. The domestication, awe and exploitation of animals throughout the practices of man brings me closer to this difficult relationship. My journey in this exploration has led […]

Oil, New Nature

Recently, I’ve been reading The World is Hot, Flat and Crowded which is a very informative book past the very casual language and redundant terms. It has recalled, with obvious correlations, The Crisis of Islam by Bernard Lewis, most notably the limiting, and undemocratizing power of oil upon countries that depend too heavily on its […]

Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art

Recently, my research and explorations have been preoccupied by looking towards the East. In an attempt to move into a direction that is more free, less stagnant, faster and more energetic than my previous work, I have been chasing culture of the unknown, the orient, darkness and color. I have been searching for this in […]