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Mimesis and Alterity

The chapter, ‘In Some Way or Another One Can Protect Oneself From the Spirits By Portraying Them’ in Michael Taussig’s Mimesis and Alterity, while difficult to initially discern with a first read, is concerned with the contrast of empirical Science and shamanistic magic. By exploring the representations of each of these two apparently dichotomous fields, […]


Now that Fall is finally upon us and the weather is beginning to turn, its time to return to Sibylle Baier. Her only album that I know of Colour Green is one of the most incredible piece’s of music that I have ever heard. Her soft voice and sparse ensemble is perfect for this season. […]

Johnathan Horowitz Tour, Exhibition and New Video at PS1

Last Sunday, I was over at PS1 in the afternoon during a window of recovery in my ailment that serendipitously coincided with a guided tour by the artist Johnathan Horowitz of his own work. The intensity and tough wit of the pieces within the show account for his extemely quiet demeanor and hushed voice. There […]

Triumph of the Will and A Grin Without a Cat

Last week, I spent the day watching Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl (Available via YouTube), the infamous Nazi propaganda film that documents the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremburg, and A Grin Without a Cat by Chris Marker. While both films approach their political subjects with radical difference in style, editing and context, […]

Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico

Broken Spears, edited by Miguel Leon Portilla, is a primary account of Cortes’ invasion of Mexico. Each stage in the horrific history from the initial omens to the destruction of Tenochitlan is narrated from various Aztec sources, the culmination of which is a sad tale of immense loss. It is a quick read and full […]

Paradigms of Conquest: History, Historiography and Politics

Stern, Paradigms of Conquest: History, Historiography and Politics, attempts to establish the indegenous voice in the narrative of the conquest of the Americas by Spanish invaders. Generally speaking, the interaction of the two radically different cultures in the “New World” is only portrayed through the lens of the Conquistadors. In a quick effort, (which assuredly […]


Genesis, by Eduardo Galeano, is written in an overview of legends drawn from a pastiche of different indigenous tribes in the Americas. Each paragraph is an entirely new story and there is seemingly not a correlating order to the tales although I am sure one could map such a logic. Throughout the book there is […]

Gorgeous Photo at the National Portrait Gallery

Raiding the Icebox

While I have a lot of other texts to attend to on this blog that have preceded the reading of Raiding the Ice Box by Peter Wollen, the experience is just too fresh and exciting to defer for the simple sake of chronology. In particular I visited the chapter Modern Times: The Cinema/ Americanism/ The […]

Recent Readings

Recently, now that the school year has started, it seems that I have been reading more than making. Which is perfectly fine because I am trying to develop more of scholastic foundation for the work to project off of. My current research has led me to multiple texts concerning post colonialism and the various theories […]