Monthly Archives: November 2009

The Beginning of a More Exact Past

What it means to be alive today with documentation Advertisements

Preparation for Scope

Painting this whole past weekend. Kicking it with wonderful people. Drinking, fucking, working, intimate conversations for hours. But no school work. In preparation for Scope Miami  if this piece were only this piece it would totally freak me out.  

New Imminent Disaster and Blanco In New York

Props to Guero on the photos. It is nice to see some new work in this neighborhood. This spot especially has had an interesting history. As you can see there was an old old swoon piece right next to that pipe running along the wall, and an elbowtoe poster down the block. About two years […]

The Axial Iron Age: The Triumph of the Sky Gods

This text explores the development of polytheism with Archaic cultures to monotheism and eventually a more linear conception of time and transcendence. The text essentially, and very basically maps the progression of material conditions and how they shape the spirituality of a culture. The Archaic Iron Age maintains a sacred sense of cyclical time and […]