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Notes from the class, Fabric of Conscience

Modes of Regulation

The wheel, a torture device commonly used in the medieval era until the 18th Centutry, was flanked by a laptop showing the murder by oakland cops of Oscar Grant to the left, and a field monitor that displayed the surveillance of those viewing the performance. The piece was a simple and relatively rough exploration of […]

Hostage Situation and Fabric of Conscience p32-35

In response to the Black September Organization notes on performance and reactions

Fabric of Conscience p16-30

Foucault, Michel. Power/Knowledge Body/Power (p55) Sam Green (II), Bill Siegel  The Weather Underground Mike Dibb, The Last Interview Agamben, Giorgio. State of Exception

Fabric of Conscience p1-16

Sontag, Susan Regarding the Pain of Others Marxist Discussion Carl Theodor Dreyer, La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc Mills, Robert Suspended Animation: Pain, Pleasure and Punishment in Medieval Culture