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Dogwood/Floorboard Exchange

One Dogwood tree, which is one of the most popular trees in Bolton Hill, was planted in an abandoned building in Penn North. One burnt Floorboard was extracted from the site and planted in the dog park in Bolton Hill as an exchange between the two neighborhoods. This piece is a portrait of my relationship […]

Towards a more Specific Piece

For Newer Genres, which is a solely founded on an individual or group critique basis, I have been attempting to refine and consider more subtle, specific and various applications for my body of work that is print based and exists primarily on the street. Through a response based process, I have been working towards this […]

three awkward recordings

Three awkward conversations with passerby’s/observers of the piece on mcculloh street VLC, Flip4Mac or a PC computer are unfortunately needed to play the files given the voice recorder encodes the files as WMA’s

Intro to Newer Genres p 9-15

Notes on a project that considers the nature of documentation and the experience of work on the street. I sat by a piece for two days for about 4 hours a day and observed, talked and interviewed people about the piece. Reception varied but for the most part people were extremely wary of being recorded. […]