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Notes from the class, Queer Theory and Literature

Queer Theory New Notebook p17-29

The Celluloid Closet Sullivan, Nikki A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory Transexual Empires and Transgender Warriors Sadomasochism as Resistance? Butler, Judith, Imitation and Gender Insubordination Ross, Kristin. Emergence of Social Space   Advertisements

Queer Theory, New Notebook

  Penetration             While reading the Queering Straight Chapter, I was struck by the predicament of penetration as an instrument power and regulation. Our current society that is founded on patriarchal values has transformed the male into a tool that controls behavior through penetrative modes of violence. Given the male physiology and inherent violence within […]

Queer Theory p12 – 37

Sullivan, Nikki A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory Queer A Question of Being A Question of Doing Queer Race Performance, Performativity, Parody, Politics Queering Straight Sex Community and its Discontents  Devon W. Carbado (Editor), Dwight McBride (Editor),Don Weise (Editor).  Black Like Us: A Century of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual African American Fiction Alice Dunbar Nelson, Natalie Wallace Thurman, Infants of Spring […]

Queer Theory Reading p1-13

Lecture Notes Sullivan, Nikki A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory